2016 April

A Quarter Of Texas Law Grads Are Unemployed Or Underemployed

Law degrees are generally regarded as being one of the most secure and lucrative pursuits a college student can make. A surefire way to a six figure salary after years of cramming and studying. For today’s Texas law school graduates, this isn’t the case anymore. Roughly a quarter of all graduates of law schools in… read more »

Renting An Apartment in Dallas

In Dallas Texas, residents who are renting homes are very angry with their landlords who are not making repairs but, has no problem collecting their rents. The residents feel that some landlords are breaking the laws that were handed down by the State, because they are forced to make the repairs themselves when something goes… read more »

Baseball Sized Balls of Hail Strike Dallas Area

Extreme weather slammed through the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area early this week, as literal baseball sized balls of hail came slamming through cars and even buildings. The storm, which ravished Wylie, Texas caused a decent amount of damage, but scared people more than anything. A few citizens said that hail balls started pelting through the… read more »

Virgin America Airlines Bought By Alaska Air

Virgin America has been flying to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport for over five years. Now Alaska Airlines has just announced that they have bought Virgin in a huge $4 billion deal. This expands Alaska Air’s west coast routes considerably. This further reduces the number of airlines now operating in the United States. The U.S…. read more »