Amputee Mom Getting on With Life After Accident

In 2014, after being married for only two months, Caitlin Connor and her new husband drove to Ft Worth, Texas to visit his mother who was in stage four cancer and recovering from her fist dosages of chemotherapy. It was only a short one mile trip when car flying down the road out of control. Jaylon Connor turned into the right lane lane to avoid the female, teenage driver who was texting and driving at the same time. The move had thrown Mr. Connor and his wife about 50 feet. He had a shattered pelvis and split femur. It was worse for Mrs. Connor. She had a nearly severed foot that the doctors would’t be able to save.

When Caitlin Connor woke up in the hospital, the doctors gave her the sad news about her leg and told her she would have to have her leg amputated. She also learned that she’d been pregnant for four weeks. She decided to have her legamputated below the knee, and she insisted that they don’t give her any pain killing drugs. Eight months later, Caitlin Connor had given birth to a baby girl the couple named Tinley Ryan who’s 16-months-old. Caitlin Connor is living a very normal life to the fullest on a prosthetic leg and caring for a toddler

Caitlin Connor lets her toddler daughter tag along as Mrs. Connor goes to the gym to exercise and strengthen her one normal leg, so it can help her remain active. On the second anniversary of the tragic accident, the new mother decided to go skydiving at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, Texas, on what she called the second ampu-versary. She might be what some would call a country bumpkin but Connor believes in going on and living life to the fullest even after a tragedy strikes. She enjoyed doing what people believing thought she was not capable of doing. Sadly, her mother-in-law had passed away from cancer last June, one of three deaths including her stepfather and her brother. To combat the problems of tragedy, she is planning other challenging activities for herself.

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