Arlington City Council To Vote On $1 Billion New Rangers Stadium

Regardless of the final score of the game against the L.A. Angels, Texas Rangers fans may have a reason to cheer Tuesday night, if the Arlington City Council approves a new bond measure to share the cost of a new stadium complex. The new stadium would have a retractable roof but would accommodate fewer fans (42,000-44,000, down from Global Life Park’s 48,000). The stadium would share land with the Texas Live! project, which would offer lodging, retail, dining, and entertainment venues.

All of this would come at a cost of $500 million to the City of Arlington, which would be matched by the Rangers organization. The good news for tax payers is that the bond passed in 2001 to build AT&T Stadium (which resulted in increases of 0.5% for sales tax, 2% for hotel tax, and 5% for car rental tax) is far ahead of the original repayment schedule, meaning that tax revenue would be available to repay the new bond package, without having to increase taxes.

The Rangers formally announced the project in a press release on Friday. The new deal with the city would insure that the Rangers remain in Arlington for the next 38 years, preventing the possibility of competitor cities like Dallas from luring them away.

If the measure passes, the bond package would be referred to the Office of the State Comptroller, which will issue a report on the financial impact on the state. This report will inform the City Council vote in August to place the bond on the November ballot. Ranger fans have good reason to be optimistic about Tuesday night’s vote: When the bond to build Global Life Park went to the ballot in 1991, 65% of Arlingtonites voted in favor of the measure.