Baseball Sized Balls of Hail Strike Dallas Area

Extreme weather slammed through the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area early this week, as literal baseball sized balls of hail came slamming through cars and even buildings. The storm, which ravished Wylie, Texas caused a decent amount of damage, but scared people more than anything. A few citizens said that hail balls started pelting through the roof of their home, which ended up causing a ton of damage to the home, as there are now leakage problems and water damage, as well as repairs to the roof and windows. The owner of the home compared the sounds of the hail coming through the house to being in a war zone, and that it was truly a site to see.

Another man that found himself in the unfortunate situation of driving home from work when the hail storm hit and ended up getting injured when the hail broke through his glass, causing him to suffer minor injuries from the broken glass. He said he managed to run into a business to get help, but that there was literally nothing he could do to get away from the situation. These types of storms are known to come through the Dallas area, but they are not usually this severe, as it caused quite a stir in the area. This type of storm is causing a lot of people in the area to think twice about the roofing on their homes, as there are a ton of homes in the area that are going to have to put up some money for damages to their residences. Cars took a heavy hit as well, as you can just imagine what baseball sized balls of ice falling from the skies would be able to do. The area is picking up the pieces and trying to put everything back together, but all in all it could have definitely been worse. The fact that there was only one injury during the whole ordeal is a good thing, but there is no question that it shocked and frightened a huge amount of residents in the areas that the powerful storm rolled through.