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James Dondero: A Dallas Hedge Fund Professionals Worth Trusting

UPDATE October 20, 2016 James Dondero the CEO of and co-founder of Highland Capital Management has recently announced a $1 million challenge grant to finish The Family Place. This came as a call to action from the Dallas mayor and chief of police for organizations to chip in and assist the community in solving life-threating… read more »

NexBank : What you Need to Solve your Financial Needs

If you have been keeping up with the financial news lately, you would know that NexBank, a Dallas-based company which offers financial services, has been announced as the sponsor for AT & T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. It is actually a continuing sponsor of the tournament which was being held from May 16th to 22nd. The tournament was held at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Irving. NexBank Capital offers financial services. Their financial services are mainly focused on three main areas: mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking. The bank is known for providing customised banking as well as financial services. They have a wide range of clients ranging from individuals to institutions. They also have institutional clients, corporations and even other finance institutions enjoying their services. The company is led by the mission of being one of the leaders in the financial services industry and to show commitment to their clients from all over. They strive to be offer the delivery of valuable services at every given opportunity and to enable clients get the best custom-suited solutions for their financial needs. They have been in business since the early 1920s and they still go on providing the best financial services across Texas and the country as a whole. At NexBank, there are various banking options for clients. You can choose to do personal banking, or online banking depending on your needs and the convenience which each option presents. Whichever option you choose, the team is more than ready to ensure that you get all the assistance you need so as to facilitate your banking on their platform. They also have a friendly customer care which ensures that all your queries and suggestions are put into consideration by the management. The team is led by an executive team which consists of financial experts and other experts. They also have an able team comprising the Board of Directors. At NexBank, you can find all you need in terms of financial advice and planning. All you have to do is contact them today and become part of their dynamic clientele. Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nexbank-continues-sponsorship-of-the-byron-nelson-300272660.html

The Future Looks Good For NexBank

The financial services firm, NexBank, released recent fourth quarter reports showing a solid 2015 year. This year will be the forth in a row for NexBank making record earnings, loans, assets as well as deposits. The net income of the firm has increased year for year and in 2015 has reached a total of $53.2… read more »

Dallas County Unworked CPS Cases Among State’s Worse

Texas Child Protective Services has failed to check on thousands of possibly abused children, according to a report published via Dallas News. In their reporting, the newspaper found that their are over 3,400 cases filed in the last two months where a case manager did not see the child even one time. Of those cases,… read more »

Renting An Apartment in Dallas

In Dallas Texas, residents who are renting homes are very angry with their landlords who are not making repairs but, has no problem collecting their rents. The residents feel that some landlords are breaking the laws that were handed down by the State, because they are forced to make the repairs themselves when something goes… read more »

Virgin America Airlines Bought By Alaska Air

Virgin America has been flying to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport for over five years. Now Alaska Airlines has just announced that they have bought Virgin in a huge $4 billion deal. This expands Alaska Air’s west coast routes considerably. This further reduces the number of airlines now operating in the United States. The U.S…. read more »

Teaching Teachers How To Keep Calm

Teaching is sometimes a challenging career choice. School districts place many constrants on the teachers in their schools and sometimes overlook needed training. While obtaining the education that will aid those professionals in dispersing knowledge to students colleges also oftentimes overlooks how to deal with troubling or disruptive behavior in the classroom. In the state… read more »