Dallas Fort Worth Expecting Record Number Airline Passengers

The Dallas Fort Worth Airport is expecting a record number of airline passengers this Thanksgiving. This is due to the lower fares across the country. In addition, airlines are highly competitive this time of year and are creating travel packages to lure passengers away from competing airlines. The DFW ranks as one of the busiest airports in the country. Certainly, the traffic will increase considerably during the Thanksgiving rush. Airline for America’s chief economist John Heimlich said he expects this to be the busiest travel season ever in recent history.
Rising Economy
Clearly, the change in the economy, along with the reduced fares has led to all this good travel news for the airports. Travel experts state that the best way to avoid all the traffic and crowds is to travel on the slow days. Well, the only really slow day is Thanksgiving. Certainly, few people are willing to travel on the holiday. Many would prefer to put up with the crowds in order to arrive at their destination before the holiday.

Busiest Airports
It is estimated that the DFW will be one of the busiest airports during the Thanksgiving holiday. The other top contenders include airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The best advice is to avoid going on Sunday or Monday. Why? Well, travel experts state that those are the two busiest days, before the holiday. Certainly, it is a safe bet that the lines at the airports are going to be much longer than usual.