Dallas is Home to New “Cake Boss” Bakery

People love to eat. They love to eat sweets. They love a good bakery. The good people of Dallas are showing their love for an awesome way. Scores of fans of the popular TV series “Cake Boss” are literally camping out in front of Buddy Valastro’s new bakery. Valastro is the star of “Cake Boss“. His fans are really enthusiastic about the new offerings his bakery is going to make available.

Camping out for rock concert tickets was a once popular pastime. Guns N’ Roses are launching a very heralded reunion tour this year. Are fans camping out with the same enthusiasm for the hard rock band as “Cake Boss” fans are for the new bakery? Maybe not.

The bakery chain is based in New Jersey, and the number of stores are growing. The Dallas venue is the 13th location for the bakery. More are sure to open. Considering the massive success of the opening day in Dallas, there is no reason not to open new locations.

13 is not a huge number in comparison to chains with thousands of venues. In truth, 13 is a lucky number here. The figure reflects a bit of prudence. A massive overnight expansion is not being planned. That is a good thing. Rushing to open too many stores could lead to more problems than positive outcomes. Slowly meeting demand in one city after another reflects a smart prudence on the part of those involved.