James Dondero Hoping to Expand Philanthropic Efforts with New Dallas Charity Manager

Most people who have heard of James Dondero know about his efforts with Highland Capital Management, which is his company. He founded the company along with a partner back in 1993 and helped make it a internationally recognizable investment advising firm, as well as an independent credit manager. People who understand money, and have been very successful, have trusted James Dondero and his team with billions of dollars. In fact, his company now has about 17 billion dollars in assets that it manages. But Dondero feels like he could be doing more than he is now. Sure, the business part of his life is going great, but he feels that his company can do more with charitable giving. Of course, his company already has given a lot through The Dallas Foundation but, like any giving heart, there is always room for more.

Dondero found a way to expand his efforts to a much better and effective degree by looking into other successful charitable foundations like the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, where he found a former leader who was successful in branching out charitable channels in ways the foundation had not thought about. Dondero knew this person was the right woman for the job. Her name is Linda Owen, and she has been in service to people for most of her life. Owen has managed to help millions through different foundations. It was almost as if it was meant to be; Owen came to Dondero’s attention right when he wanted to find ways to expand his charitable reach. Some other details were published in a recent BusinessWire article.

Dondero hired Owen to be the firm’s charitable giving manager who will operate in relation to The Dallas Foundation. At the moment, Dondero’s company is giving 3 million dollars annually, which is a number that he hopes Owen will help him expand. Dondero has been a strong advocate of helping the community; his money has gone to fund community-based programs and projects, such as the Dallas Zoo or Perot Museum of Nature and Science. These efforts only scratch the surface of what Dondero wants to accomplish. He hopes Owen will help him realize some of his philanthropic goals.

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