James Dondero is Investing in the Future of Dallas

James “Jim” Dondero is passionate about investing and is no stranger to the world of business and finance. In his long and successful business career he has grown subsidies for companies into portfolios worth billions of dollars. He sits on the board at MGM Studios and American Banknote Corporation. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors for NexBank Capital, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. Although his career has flourished in business, his passion is to improve Dallas through philanthropy.

Dondero began his career in 1984 as an analyst, after graduating with the highest honors from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, where he double majored in Accounting and Finance. He worked for several large companies including JP Morgan & Chase and American Express, before co-founding Highland Capital Management with Mark Okanda, in the 1990’s. Highland Capital offers long and short-term investments options and has clients that include institutional investors such as pension plans and governments. The group also works with high net worth individuals. Either way the goal is the same, to protect the capital of their clients.

While his investment company has grown and is expanding internationally, Dondero isn’t just an entrepreneur, he is also a philanthropist. He founded the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., in 2011 and has committed over $3 million to the yearly budget to assist in charitable projects in and around the Dallas area, including the donating $1 million to the Dallas Zoo. The Highland Dallas Foundation also focuses on supporting numerous charities including health care, education, veterans, and other local organizations. Jim Dondero is passionate about improving Dallas for today and for the future.