NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank, Increasing Service Offerings

College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey has been in operation since 1987, and has some 529 separate college-savings programs which will now additionally be the responsibility of NexBank Capital, Inc. NexBank’s acquisition of College Savings Bank will not rescind the New Jersey Financial institution’s name, or the brand most commonly associated with it. Rather, the new relationship reflects a division. College Savings Bank is the newest “division” of NexBank, and though it retains its name, it is no longer a separate entity. Think of it like Sears’ acquisition of K-Mart. K-Mart didn’t change to S-Mart, or Sears-Mart; it remained K-Mart. It just began to function under different ownership. The same is happening for College Savings Bank today, via NexBank’s acquisition.

The acquisition is seen by many as an extremely positive one, however, as NexBank has a bevy of available financial services and decades of operation. With NexBank, customers seeking personal financial services can get personal checking and savings accounts, as well as finance their mortgages. Mobile banking is available for the sake of convenience, as are commercial checking and savings accounts. NexBank also offers treasury management and internet banking services. On the commercial lending side, loans for both real estate and business are available. NexBank also offers services of an institutional variety, which include Lending, banking, mergers and acquisitions of a corporate kind, corporate advice and financing, loan services among syndicated climes, programs specifically customized to the needs of the individual/corporation, investment banking, land advisory, and other things. NexBank works not just to aide the individual in their financial egress, but the business/corporate entity as well.

NexBank has deep history. As far back as 1922, NexBank established itself in Dallas, Texas under the name Heritage bank. The change to NexBank came in 2005. Now NexBank SSB functions out of Dallas, Texas, and NexBank Capital, Inc. works as the driving force behind it.

With ninety-four years’ solid banking history behind it, NexBank’s future looks bright; especially considering their recent east coast acquisition in Princeton. Though it is impossible to tell what the future portends, NexBank’s North American history is storied and vibrant, and seems to indicate a bright future for all involved. In a world where national and international banking is becoming increasingly understood, businesses and individuals are looking for banking options that they feel they can trust. Near a hundred years of history and firm American foundations recommend NexBank.

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