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Mary Pirrello Highly Qualified For Success.

You may or may not know the name Mary Pirello. However, regardless of what you know about Mary, she is well respected in the field of financial services. Mary’s services are highly respected and cherished within her community of Dallas Texas. Mary Pirelleo has been in the banking and financial industry for years. Mary is Senior Vice President of NexBank‘s National Warehouse Lending. She was just appointed to President of the TMBA for a term of one year. The Texas Mortgage Bankers Assocaiation (TMBA) is thrilled to have Ms. Pirrello as their President. Mary’s no stranger to the TMBA as she has been active on their board since 2007. She has over twenty years in the banking and financial industries too. She is super qualified because of her involvement in the industry. For anyone that does not know, NexBank is a company that specializes in services of a financial nature. Some of the things they help people with is funding in areas like banking of the commercial nature, mortgage funding and even banking related to investing. The bank dates back to the early 1922 area. NexBank helps clients by serving them with their banking expertise. Based in Dallas Texas, they are a regional bank that is doing big things. Online banking is one thing that this institution is very proud of. The banking that is done online is helping the clients and customers of NexBank to reach their goals and do it in their own time frame. With online banking, your bank is always open. It is like having a bank available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. What could be better? Clients of NexBank seem to love the services they offer and how helpful people like Mary are when it comes to meeting their financial goals. Sources: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nexbanks-mary-pirrello-appointed-president-144000396.html http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nexbank-reports-strong-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-2015-results-300235572.html

Texas Morgage Banker’s Association Has President, Mary Pirrello

For years at NexBank, Mary Pirrello has served a leadership role as she focused on the day to day operations of developing relationships for the lending division. On May 3rd of 2016, Mary started another leadership role, a one year term as President for the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. Mr. Pirrello has the experience of… read more »

Amputee Mom Getting on With Life After Accident

In 2014, after being married for only two months, Caitlin Connor and her new husband drove to Ft Worth, Texas to visit his mother who was in stage four cancer and recovering from her fist dosages of chemotherapy. It was only a short one mile trip when car flying down the road out of control…. read more »

NexBank : What you Need to Solve your Financial Needs

If you have been keeping up with the financial news lately, you would know that NexBank, a Dallas-based company which offers financial services, has been announced as the sponsor for AT & T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. It is actually a continuing sponsor of the tournament which was being held from May 16th to 22nd. The tournament was held at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Irving. NexBank Capital offers financial services. Their financial services are mainly focused on three main areas: mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking. The bank is known for providing customised banking as well as financial services. They have a wide range of clients ranging from individuals to institutions. They also have institutional clients, corporations and even other finance institutions enjoying their services. The company is led by the mission of being one of the leaders in the financial services industry and to show commitment to their clients from all over. They strive to be offer the delivery of valuable services at every given opportunity and to enable clients get the best custom-suited solutions for their financial needs. They have been in business since the early 1920s and they still go on providing the best financial services across Texas and the country as a whole. At NexBank, there are various banking options for clients. You can choose to do personal banking, or online banking depending on your needs and the convenience which each option presents. Whichever option you choose, the team is more than ready to ensure that you get all the assistance you need so as to facilitate your banking on their platform. They also have a friendly customer care which ensures that all your queries and suggestions are put into consideration by the management. The team is led by an executive team which consists of financial experts and other experts. They also have an able team comprising the Board of Directors. At NexBank, you can find all you need in terms of financial advice and planning. All you have to do is contact them today and become part of their dynamic clientele. Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nexbank-continues-sponsorship-of-the-byron-nelson-300272660.html

The Future Looks Good For NexBank

The financial services firm, NexBank, released recent fourth quarter reports showing a solid 2015 year. This year will be the forth in a row for NexBank making record earnings, loans, assets as well as deposits. The net income of the firm has increased year for year and in 2015 has reached a total of $53.2… read more »

Arlington City Council To Vote On $1 Billion New Rangers Stadium

Regardless of the final score of the game against the L.A. Angels, Texas Rangers fans may have a reason to cheer Tuesday night, if the Arlington City Council approves a new bond measure to share the cost of a new stadium complex. The new stadium would have a retractable roof but would accommodate fewer fans… read more »

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank, Increasing Service Offerings

College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey has been in operation since 1987, and has some 529 separate college-savings programs which will now additionally be the responsibility of NexBank Capital, Inc. NexBank’s acquisition of College Savings Bank will not rescind the New Jersey Financial institution’s name, or the brand most commonly associated with it. Rather,… read more »