Renting An Apartment in Dallas

In Dallas Texas, residents who are renting homes are very angry with their landlords who are not making repairs but, has no problem collecting their rents. The residents feel that some landlords are breaking the laws that were handed down by the State, because they are forced to make the repairs themselves when something goes wrong. The City is now going after the owners of these properties to get them to make these repairs. One can also read the whole story at,

Dennis Topletz is one of these owners that the city took action against. He has about one hundred and ninety dwellings concentrated in the South Dallas area. These dwellings jeopardize the residents health and must be repaired. Now, two of the tenants and their lawyers are butting in the city’s lawsuit which involves Topletz and his companies. They are suing for $1,000,000 and their lawyers are hopeful that other residents will get involved too.

These residents were given a one page lease which stated they were liable for all the repairs. It also went on to say that Topletz Investments will accept no blame which occur on the premises at the time of the residents occupancy. The lawyers agree that this is a blatant violation of Texas property code. They also know that the saddest part is that the majority of the residents had now idea. Topletz said that his company rent affordable housing but the city begs to differ.

In one houses the tenant can only use one room during the winter months. There are too many holes in the home that keep him cold. There was a counter that was repaired by Topletz and it cost about $300 but, he tried to get the resident to pay $4,000 for it. The city filed a motion asking the Judge Carl Ginsberg to provide an overseer for the residents but, the Judge wants them to go after Topletz first and charge him with code violation, before this can happen. To read more on this article visit: