Teaching Teachers How To Keep Calm

Teaching is sometimes a challenging career choice. School districts place many constrants on the teachers in their schools and sometimes overlook needed training. While obtaining the education that will aid those professionals in dispersing knowledge to students colleges also oftentimes overlooks how to deal with troubling or disruptive behavior in the classroom.

In the state of Texas there is something referred to as a calm room. These rooms are approximately 50 square foot in size and are a place where children can go to calm down when they feel overwhelmed. The children are supposed to have sole discretion as to whether or not they want to go into this room.

These rooms are not to be locked or held shut when children are in them. Recent developments within certain school districts are now mandating that the doors to the rooms will be removed. Some teachers have felt the need to place children in these rooms without their consent and then hold or lock doors so that the child cannot get out.

Many parents have not even realized that these rooms exist. Until the child is forced into the room against their will and then complains to parents about it, no knowledge of the rooms has existed. This has changed as an NBC channel 5 reporter has looked into one such incident.

The main issue with the situation is that teachers, when they become frustrated, have been using the rooms to keep calm in their classrooms. This is not what the rooms are for, argues parents of a child that was forced to stay in the room. What NBC reporters found out is that the school district has never offered any formal training as to how and when these rooms should be used.

Teachers have also never been informed as to the laws surrounding the use of the rooms. It is therefore no wonder that some minor abuses have occurred when dealing with disruptive children and placing them in the rooms. The school districts have promised that in depth training and information will be dispersed to teaching staff, and that all doors to the rooms will be removed immediately.