The Future Looks Good For NexBank

The financial services firm, NexBank, released recent fourth quarter reports showing a solid 2015 year. This year will be the forth in a row for NexBank making record earnings, loans, assets as well as deposits.

The net income of the firm has increased year for year and in 2015 has reached a total of $53.2 million. The ROAE or return on average equity grew an astonishing 35 percent in 2015. This is in comparison to the year 2014 where the net income was $25.6 million with an return on average equity of 23 percent. In the fourth and last quarter of 2015 the return on average equity was 37 percent in comparison to 33 percent in the same quarter in 2014. The net income for the forth quarter in 2015 was $16.2 million compared to $10.2 in 2014.

This demonstrates an astonishing grown of 48 percent over the recent year in 2014. The total company assets were valued at $2.87 billion. The total amount of deposits increased to 32 percent in 2015 and are valued at $1.88 billion and the total amount of loans went up to 42 percent or $1.97 billion.

The NexBank growth was mainly due to NexBank SSB which is a leading regional bank. It allowed NexBank to maintain its capitalized status. When looking at the firms total risk based capital ration which was at 13.52 percent as well as the Tier 1 leverage ratio which was at 9.34 percent as of the 31st December of 2015.

NexBank services its clients through 3 separate business’s. These business’s are Investment Banking, Commercial Banking and Mortgage Banking. These financial services that are offered through these business’s are both banking services as well as customized financial services. Customers are mainly financial institutions.