Tony Romo’s Future Plans

The future of the Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback is up for grabs. There has been a lot of rumors circulating around the media about the quarterback’s future in Dallas and football in general. Tony Romo has participated in 156 games, but it appears that the writing is on the wall for Romo. His days with the cowboys are coming to an end, after he lost his ten year job to rookie Dak Prescott. Owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, warns fans to not listen to speculation and rumors in the press about Tony Romo’s future because a decision has not been made yet.

Tony Romo’s Part
The important thing to remember is that Tony Romo is not just sitting back and letting the dice fall where they may. He has plenty to say about any future deals that happen. The odds are that the Dallas quarterback will be traded or released. Romo’s strong relationship with Jones will play a big part in the decision making process too. The fact is that it is very difficult to think about the Dallas Cowboys without Tony Romo. Many speculate that the game will not be the same. Still, insiders on the team only have good things to say about the quarterback. They wish him the best of luck.